• Outer flexible rubber post can prevent dragging
  • Superior strong foot grip stops feet slipping
  • The center & outer post stops forward foot slipping & movement
  • Unique angled foot support keeps you on the ball of the foot & heels down
  • Brilliant childrens teaching & safety aid
  • Extended platform providing better foot support & balance
  • Eliminates hip, knee & foot pain
  • Award winning revolutionary design
  • Coolest iron on the planet
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English Reviews


STS ENGLISH IRON - How & Why They Work

The most difficult thing for a rider is keeping their feet from slipping forward. You will see the best Olympic riders in the world whereby their feet will slip forward going over a jump or when a horse makes a sudden movement causing them to become uncomfortable and unbalanced. Instead of concentrating on the next jump they are trying to get their foot back in the correct position. The STS irons unique angled and post design overcome this problem and in the event of a fall can prevent the rider from being dragged. Please view the impressive video testimonials from top international riders.

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PARALYMPICS AND RDA "Riding for the disabled"

The STS irons' are great for riders with disabilities as it is very difficult for disabled riders to keep their feet in the stirrup iron. Some RDA riders require an attendant on both sides to help keep the riders' feet situated properly. An elastic band can now be attached to the inside bar and outer small post of the STS irons and then around the back of the riders' boot holding their foot in place. However, in the event of a fall, the riders' boot will still come out of the open front section.