Toe Stoppers are made of durable material and attach easily with Velcro, making for comfortable safe riding and dismounting and Toe Stoppers give riders a competition advantage preventing the riders feet slipping forward.

Tax Deductible
Toe Stoppers are completely Tax Deductible for horse related Businesses.

Teaching Aid
Toe Stoppers is an Incredible teaching aid, keeping the riders feet in the correct safety riding position at all times.

Competition Advantage
Riders lose their concentration when their feet slip forward, Toe Stoppers prevent this from happening, leading riders and instructors claim the Toe Stopper is the best product for keeping the riders feet in the correct balanced riding position on the ball of the foot at all times.

The Size
If you have a 4 inch stirrup iron you need a 4 inch Toe Stopper. To measure your iron simply use a ruler or tape measure to measure the inside distance between the bars.

Some riders are using irons to small for the size of their foot, putting them at serious risk. To gauge the correct size of the iron and Toe Stoppers to use, slip a Toe Stopper over your boot, if it comes up to the ball of your foot, that is the correct size you should be using.

Instruction for Use of Toe Stoppers
Improper use or misadjust will compromise the safety features of this device. View the pamphlet how to attach and clean Toe Stoppers.